Dexcom G7

Dexcom G7 or G6 illinois Medicare Provider Hayat Home Medical Equipment can work with your physician for Medicare eligible patients.

Why Dexcom G7 through Hayat Home Medical Equipment your illinois Medicare Provider for CGM?

Dexcom G7, the simple CGM system, delivers real-time glucose readings to your smartphone* or smart watch—no more fingersticks

Effortlessly see your glucose levels and where they’re headed, so you can make smarter decisions about food and activity in the moment to take better control of your diabetes.

Make confident decisions with the most accurate CGM systemand see how that can lead to better results.

Dexcom G7 can help you spend more time in range, which is proven to lower A1C.2-6 The more time you spend in range, the better and healthier you feel.7 We even offer the Dexcom Clarity app, which tracks your glucose trends and provides a projected A1C in as little as two weeks.§

The new, discreet sensor is 60% smaller than its predecessor. Its small size and upper-arm wear location make it easy to forget that you’re even wearing it.7

Hayat Home Medical Equipment as local DME in illinois
can work with your physician for Medicare eligible patients.

Yes. The Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7 are covered by Medicare if you meet their criteria.
Hayat Home Medical Equipment now ships Dexcom G6 and Dexcom G7 to Medicare patients with traditional fee-for-service coverage.

You can get Medicare coverage for therapeutic CGM if you:

Medicare recently updated its coverage requirements for CGM. For a full description of coverage criteria,
Reach out to us today ith any questions about the specifics of the Medicare coverage requirements for Dexcom CGM.

Dexcom G7 All-in-One Sensor and Transmitter.
Inserted using a single-use applicator.
Collects sensor glucose readings and sends them to the display device – Dexcom G7 Receiver (optional) and/or smart device.
The new G7 sensor patch contains medical-grade, pressure-sensitive, acrylic-based adhesive.
It has passed irritation testing and contains no latex.
The Dexcom G7 sensor is not compatible with any previous-generation components.

mage shown for reference purposes only. Actual product appearance may vary. Please read product description for full and accurate details.