Patient Room

Hospital Beds, Lift Chairs, Transport Chairs, and

Hospital beds, we use 4 manufacturers. Drive Devilbiss, Pro basic, Invacare, and Flex a Bed. .

We carry standard and bariatric with other options including; semi-electric, full electric, and hi/low bed. The Flex a bed is a luxury hospital bed made to not have the appearance of a home hospital bed. Flex a bed has several options, please contact the store and a retail specialist will help walk you through all options and pricing.

Lift chairs, we use 2 different manufacturers. Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility.

However, we predominantly order and stock Golden Technologies lift chairs. Their basic function is to recline for sleeping purposes and most important put the users’ hips above the knees in an almost standing position to assist with standing for those with limited mobility or other factors. They come standard, up to deluxe with massagers, heaters, and other accessories that are custom ordered. Please speak with a retail specialist in finding the perfect fit, accessories, or any questions that arise.

Transport chairs, for the manufacturer we use Drive Devilbiss. We have standard 17'', 19'', and 22'' HD/bariatric.

We also carry Transport Rollators, in 17” and 19” manufactured by (Pro basic).

Commodes, we can use 4 different manufacturers. Roscoe, Graham-Field, Pro basic, and Nova

We carry a standard 3-in-1 folding and bariatric drop arm.