Mask And CPAP Supplies

Hayat HME understands that to ensure efficacy in CPAP therapy it is essential that patients ensure that the machine and supplies are being replenished based on manufacturer recommendations of the schedule allotted to them by the patient’s insurance carriers. Therefore, Hayat has invested in providing a strong team and technologically advanced options through Brightree ConnectPro.

Hayat also works with the three leading mask suppliers, Philips Respironics, ResMed, and Fisher & Paykel providing patients with over 50 various mask options.

Nasal Pillows

Small Profile
Minimal Headgear
Nasal Delivery
Least Intrusive


small facial profile
nasal delivery
best patient
compliance record

Full Face

supports congestion
nasal/oral delivery


avoids forehead
avoids nose bridge
nasal/oral delivery


minimal facial contact
minimal headgear
oral delivery

Commitment to compliance at Hayat ranges from 70% to 80%, which is terrific in comparison to the national average of low adherence.
Once a patient has met their compliance requirements, Hayat’s sleep coordinator contacts the referral to ensure that they are scheduled for their follow-up appointment so that the patient can continue the therapy after 90 days as mandated by insurance companies. After that period, Hayat’s Resupply program using Brightree Software Connect continues to contact patients to make sure that they are compliant and receiving all their necessary supplies based on their insurance timeline.

Retail Display


CPAP Mask Team

Engagement options made available to patients upon set-up for Resupply Engagement:


CPAP Supply


Full Face Cushion

Nasal Cushion



Disposable Filter

Reusable Filter

Water Chamber

Chin Strap

Majority of Insurances

1 Per 3 Months

1 Per Month

2 Per Month

1 Per 3 Months

1 Per 6 Months

2 Per Month

1 Per 6 Months

1 Per 6 Months

1 Per 6 Months