Bathroom Aides

Bathroom Aides, we use 2 manufacturers. Nova and Rose Health.

Incontinent pads, sitz bath, male and female urinals, shampooer-inflatable bed, adult pull-ups, chucks for one-time use, and reusable, bedpans.

Toilet Aides; we use 2 manufacturers. Drive Devilbiss, and Probasic.

We have raised toilet seats in various types ranging from 2” to 6” height increase with or without arms. Raised toilet lift toilet safety rails, and cushion toilet seat covers.

Grab bars; we use 2 manufacturers. Drive Devilbiss and Evekare.

We carry many styles, colors, and sizes. Also includes LED sounds activated, and glow-in-the-dark grab bars. (Good for a night or dimly lit lighting areas).

Shower Aides; we use 4 manufacturers. Probasic, Rose Health, Drive Devilbiss, and Evekare.

We carry bathtub safety grab bar clamp style, fixed grab bar, modular grab bar, suction grab bar, safety grip alarm suction style, transfer bench (standard and bariatric), sliding transfer bench, shower bench, shower chair with back and arms (standard and bariatric), swivel bath chair, convertible tub kits for low profile walk in, hand shower, hand shower with grab bar attachment, and cushioned shower seat pad.