Equipment care and sanitation

Equipment Care & Sanitation

  • Keep stationary home concentrator approximately 1’ away from wall. (Allows for proper air intake & heat to dissipate.)
  • Wipe down with Clorox wipes to keep clean and prevent bacteria to form.
  • For models with external intake filter. Rinse/ wash the mesh or sponge in warm water using mild dish soap. Squeeze excess water out. Let air dry and replace.
  • Vacuum/ dust off intake vent (usually located on back of machine) as well as heat vent. Recommend doing so in homes with pets more often.
  • Be sure to change cannula once a month, green tubing once every 3 months. Keep mindful to check for kinks/bends in tubing and cannula.
  • Do not place close to heat vent or radiator. Keep in an open area. (No closet)
  • Potential Hazard. No smoking in home or around oxygen. The smoke can and will damage the internals of unit. Repair fees will be an out of pocket cost. (insurance will not cover misuse)

Poc (Portable Oxygen Concentrators)

  • Wipe with Clorox wipes to keep clean.
  • Do not put papers or anything in poc carry bag. It does not allow for proper ventilation and air intake. (Can cause damage to unit and make it overheat.)
  • Once unit is charged. Unplug as it can cause damage to battery.
  • Clean off dust on filters. (When applicable)
  • Ensure no kinks in cannula.
  • Run unit at least 1 hour a week, to ensure function of poc and prevent failure.


  • Wipe down with Clorox wipes or disinfectant.
  • Ensure tanks are stored upright in tank cart or stand, to prevent tipping and falling.
  • Unsecured tanks can be placed flat on floor away from foot traffic, in a well ventilated area.
  • Place away from heat sources.
  • Locate with adequate ventilation.
  • Inappropriate storage locations include; open porches or decks, near a furnace or fireplace, water heater, closets, under a bed, or trunk of car.
Fire extinguisher and smoke detector should always be present in home.
Generator recommended if possible. (Useful in event of power outage)
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