NIV Astral


Diagnoses of severe respiratory condition resulting in Chronic Respiratory failure as well as ordering a Non-Invasive Ventilator in Physician notes.

Documented history of Chronic Respiratory Failure associated with severe COPD/obstructive disease in Physician notes.
PCO2 >= 52mmhg and/or FEV1<=50% predicted

Diagnoses of neuromuscular disease and disease impact on patient’s ability to participate in ADL’s. PCO2 of >=45mmHG
Respiratory Mechanics are found to be 50% or more below predicted values.

Musculoskeletal disorder documentation of FVC found to be below 50% predicted. Patient’s respiratory status has been significantly impaired, PaCO2 level >=45mmHG Morbid Obesity

COPD/Obstructive min 7.0- max 20.0

Neuro/Restrictive min 5 .0- max30.0

COPD/Obstructive 0.2-2.0

Neuro/Restrictive 1.0-2.5

Mixed 0.2-2.5