Oxygen Questions And Answers

Oxygen Questions And Answers

Check the tubing for kinks. Change if needed. If using a humidifier bottle (bubbler), ensure cap and adapter tube are screwed on properly. Check if straw in the bubbler is cloudy, if so change bubbler.

Check if lpm is too high or too low. If so return it to prescribed setting. Check for kinks in tubing. If using bubbler check to see if its cloudy, and if its bubbling, if not change accordingly.

Unit has detected a malfunction. Use back up o2 (tank or poc) source and call us. Unit most likely needs to be swapped.

On some models you need to use adaptor hose. Screw end with threaded fitting, to top of bubbler, and other end to port on concentrator. Green tubing goes to side port on bubbler cap. Use water trap to connect tubing on other end of green tubing between next tubing or cannula. On some models just screw threaded cap to threaded port on concentrator.

Tubing should be changed once every 3 months and cannula once every month. If you’ve been sick, you may change cannula prior, so as to prevent any unwanted bacteria.

If using a bubbler, the use of a water trap is best. It connects between tubing and cannula or next tubing to catch water. Once caught water is at a reasonable amount, simply pop off side cap and empty and replace cap.

Use a o2 bleed in adapter small side goes to hose and larger side to mask end. Connect o2 tubing to the port in middle of adapter. Some cpaps have o2 tubing with an o2 connector built in.
Contact Hayat to see which one you need.

Use your back up o2 source (tanks or poc). Call us and let us know. Call electricity provider and let them know you have o2 medical need. This will put on priority of list for faster response time.

Refer to video on our Hayat Home Medical  facebook page.

Depends on specified model as well as the liter flow and respiratory rate of the patient.

Refer to owner’s manual or call us for more info.
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